mass casualty emergency

A medical emergency is any incident where medical personnel and resources are overwhelmed by the number and severity of casualties caused by one or more incidents. The clinical mission of WashU School of Medicine requires us to be ready to support the community during any medical emergency. Please keep in mind that a medical emergency event may not directly affect everyone on campus.

How to prepare before it happens

  • Know your role and the role of your department in the event that the campus is called up to support a medical emergency incident.
  • Be familiar with your department-specific plan and notification process.

What to do when it happens

  • Stay informed of any community incident that occurs that may involve multiple emergencies.
  • Pay attention to Everbridge emergency notifications sent out by Faculty Practice Plan and/or Emergency Management.
  • Coordinate and communicate with department officials on assignments to directly work or support the incident.

What to do right after it happens

  • Support the return and/or replenishment of resources and supplies committed to the medical emergency incident.