flood emergencyAlthough most floods that occur on campus do not pose an immediate life safety threat, flood waters can quickly cause damage to buildings and utilities that may pose risks to personnel working in the area.

How to prepare before it happens

Cover or move sensitive documents and/or equipment that may be vulnerable to exposure to water, such as items on the floor and on open shelves.

What to do when it happens

  • Call the appropriate emergency contact number to report the impacted building and room number(s).
    • Danforth Campus: 314-935-5555
    • School of Medicine: 314-362-4357
    • North/West/South Campus & Tyson Research: 911 then 314-935-5555
  • If safe and possible, stop the source of the water feeding the flood.
  • Do not go into a room if water is covering the electrical outlets or if cords are submerged.
  • Evacuate the area if you see sparks or hear buzzing noises.
  • Stay clear of any sewage or “dirty” water unless you are wearing appropriate protective equipment.

What to do right after it happens

  • If safe to do so, retrieve sensitive documents and/or equipment that may be damaged by the water.
  • Provide any information that is requested by responders.

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