I have unexpected financial costs related to COVID-19 – what do I do?
Submit a request to the WashU Crisis Response Fund for Students. This fund is designed to provide financial resources for Washington University students who, as a result of unexpected additional costs or loss of income, need emergency financial support to pay for essential needs, such as housing, food and medicine, between March 15 and April 30, 2020. In mid-April, the university will reassess the fund’s capacity in order to determine whether it will be possible to provide further support to students beyond April 30.

Will Commencement still happen on May 15?
We are so sorry to confirm that Commencement will not happen on May 15, 2020. See message from Chancellor Martin to students.

Will May Commencement be rescheduled?
Though we don’t yet know how it will look, we are already starting to think about how we can celebrate your accomplishments at another time, when we can all safely be together. We are working through what will happen in order for you to officially graduate, and you can expect to learn more about these plans and a way for us to celebrate the Class of 2020 very soon and throughout the remainder of the semester.

Are individual school ceremonies canceled too?
Unfortunately, yes, all May Commencement ceremonies are canceled. Each school manages and is responsible for its own recognition ceremony.

How will diplomas be distributed?
The Registrar’s Office is working on a plan for distributing diplomas. Information will be shared with graduating students as soon as it becomes available.

What will happen to my Commencement photos that I already had taken?
Students who attended the Grad Fair at the bookstore and had their photos taken by Lifetouch should already have received their photos.

Who can I contact with questions about Commencement?
You can email the Commencement office at commencement@wustl.edu.

Is spring break being extended another week?
Spring break for the Danforth Campus will be extended for an additional week and there will be no academic instruction until Monday, March 23. This extension will give us additional time to manage the transition of academic and campus operations, and to continue gathering information to make decisions about how best to keep our community healthy and safe. Spring break for the Medical Campus will be similarly extended. There are no plans to extend the length of the spring semester.

Does this decision impact graduate, professional and medical students too?
Danforth and Medical Campus classes will shift to online instruction. Beginning March 23, there will be no in-person courses taught in the classroom or any other setting until at least April 30, 2020. All classes, including those traditionally held in studios and laboratory settings, will be conducted online. Details will be determined by the schools, and students will receive instructions from their academic deans and faculty before the end of the extended spring break specific to their individual programs and the classes in which they are enrolled. We know that some of our students have limited access to high-quality, high-speed internet services at home. If you have concerns about your internet access, please call 314-933-3333 to learn how to access technical support.

Graduate and professional students involved in individual rotations or doing individual research may continue their programs, but must limit travel and group activities consistent with our other policies.

If I’m in a club or organization on campus, will those meetings and/or events continue as planned?
Many campus events have been canceled. Please check with event organizers for the latest updates. The university is evaluating the need for additional restrictions for university events held on and off campus. We continue to monitor the situation, and this may change on short notice. The policies announced on March 9 remain in effect.

How do I access other university services while I’m studying remotely? Like career services, financial aid, etc.?
All student services will continue to be available remotely during this time. Please visit students.wustl.edu to learn more about the resources available to you as a student of Washington University.

I have an accommodation through Disability Resources. Will I still receive my accommodation?
Yes. Disability Resources is available to support you through this situation via virtual communication. You may arrange phone and Zoom appointments to occur during business hours (8:30 a.m.-4 p.m. CST) by emailing disabilityresources@wustl.edu.

If I need to work in order to help pay for tuition, room and board, will the university help me find a job where I live?
As a student at Washington University, you are always welcome to utilize the services provided by the Career Center. To learn more or to get in touch with the Career Center, visit the Career Center online.

I will not be able to work at my on-campus job – what can I do?
Dayschool Undergraduate Students – If you are receiving need-based aid, we will provide a University Grant to cover your “lost” earnings and we will calculate your lost earnings based on your actual earnings during the spring semester, prior to 3/9. We will begin providing funds the week of 3/23.
Graduate/UCollege Students – If you are a graduate student, please contact the Graduate Aid office for your program. See a list of graduate aid contacts.

Since classes are being moved to online instruction, will students be reimbursed for tuition?
Because students will be completing their academic coursework online and receiving credit toward their degree programs, tuition will not be reimbursed. The university continues to operate during this time, with faculty still teaching classes and completing normal activities, with regular support from staff within the schools. Students will continue to receive academic instruction from the same faculty members, albeit in a modified environment, for academic credit, and we will continue to provide academic support services and resources remotely. In addition, the university is absorbing the additional costs of delivering online coursework during challenging circumstances. We appreciate everyone’s flexibility and patience as we navigate this sudden and unprecedented situation.

I live in university-owned housing – will financial aid be reduced when my prorated housing charges are credited?
No, financial aid will not be reduced. Adjustment amounts will be determined by Residential Life and credited to your student account in early April. If your housing adjustment results in a credit balance on your student account and you are signed up for direct deposit, your refund will be automatically deposited into the account you have on file through WebSTAC. If you are not signed up for direct deposit, we will mail a check to the permanent address in WebSTAC. The quickest and most efficient way to receive your refund is through direct deposit and you can take action now to sign up for direct deposit on WebSTAC if you haven’t already done so. To sign up, select Billing & Bear Bucks -> Pay/View My Bill -> Sign up for direct deposit refunds. If you are already signed up for direct deposit, you may wish to confirm your banking information.

I need to receive my on campus housing refund before early April. What can I do?
Contact Student Financial Services at financial@wustl.edu and we will provide up to $1,000 of your expected housing refund. This will be provided as a direct deposit, if you are enrolled. If you are not enrolled, we will mail a check to the permanent address on file in WebSTAC. The quickest and most efficient way to receive your refund is through direct deposit and you can take action now to sign up for direct deposit on WebSTAC if you haven’t already done so. To sign up, select Billing & Bear Bucks -> Pay/View My Bill -> Sign up for direct deposit refunds. If you are already signed up for direct deposit, you may wish to confirm your banking information.

I’m a student who needs access to high-speed internet for remote learning. Can someone help me?
If you have concerns about your internet access, please call 314-935-8300 or 888-234-2863 and listen to the menu options to learn how to access technical support.

What will happen to my mail?
Updates will be posted on the Mail Services website For urgent matters, contact mailrooms at South 40: 314-935-5069, Northside: 314-935-5635, Lofts: 314-935-0099. We will forward any student mail currently on campus to students via USPS first-class mail to permanent home addresses. Click here for more specific instructions.

If I’m staying on campus, will the libraries be open?
Most library locations will remain open with limited hours and access through Friday, March 20, and then will be closed through at least Monday, April 6. Note: The Becker Medical Library and Brown School Library are not adhering to this schedule. For more information, visit the Libraries website.

What counseling and support resources are available?
We understand some community members may feel anxious about this evolving public health situation or have concerns about friends and family living in areas currently experiencing the outbreak. Here are some available resources:

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