Event Details

Elevators in these buildings will be out of service for 2 to 4 hours during the days of June 24 through 28 to conduct annual inspections and fire recall tests as required by the Elevator Safety Unit of the Missouri Department of Public Safety. The date and time to inspect the elevators within this week will be selected on a priority basis depending on customer needs and technical requirements.
The following list shows the elevators that will be inspected:
No 58 Clayton Garage/SE (South)
No 59 Clayton Garage/SW (South)
No 60 Clayton Garage/S (North)
No 61 Clayton Garage/N (North)
No 50 4444 F.P./SW (Dumbwaiter)
No 62 4444 F.P./West (Service)
No 93 Metro Garage
No 94 Metro Garage
No 43 IWJ/W
No 6 Barnard/W
No 7 Barnard/E
No 18 Wohl Hospital/E
No 19 Wohl Hospital/W
No 20 Wohl Hospital/S (Service)
No 126 EH&S
No 127 EH&S

We thank you for your patience and understanding at this time.