Event Details

The 1st floor construction project will be conducting a planned shutdown of the building sanitary piping on Saturday December 21 to tie-in the new 1st floor piping. The shutdown will affect floors 1 thru 6. On floors 1 thru 6, all lab sterilizers, break-rooms and restrooms will be shutdown to all use, and closed during this four (4) hour duration.

Because the basement is below the work being done, the shutdown is not expected to affect the WUCCI, the glass-wash/sterilizer room, the housekeeping break-room and restrooms in the basement.

Preparation by the departments for this shutdown is expected to be minimal – due to the shutdown of the sanitary piping, we are requesting that the staff not use any plumbing fixtures in the break-rooms or restrooms, and the sterilizer equipment in the labs.

We thank you for your patience and understanding at this time.