Event Details

In order to clean all air handling units in East McDonnell, there will be interruptions to airflow at different times. The 1st floor will have no airflow during this time. The rest of the building will have reduced air flow. We will be working on these units from 6pm until 4am the following morning. Airflow will be returned to normal each morning at 4 am. Here is our schedule

Monday October 7th 6pm – Tuesday October 8th 4am
Tuesday Oct 8th 6pm – Wednesday Oct 9th 4am
Wednesday Oct 9th 6pm – Thursday Oct 10th 4am
Thursday Oct 10th 6pm – Friday Oct 11th 4am
Friday Oct 11th 6pm – Saturday Oct 12th 4am
Monday Oct 14th 6pm – Tuesday Oct 15th 4am
Tuesday Oct 15th 6pm – Wednesday Oct 16th 4am
Wednesday Oct 16th 6pm – Wednesday Oct 17th 4am

We thank you for your patience and understanding at this time.