Event Details

This outage has been rescheduled for tonight at midnight. The power will be turned off from 1 am on Saturday, August 30th until 4 am on Saturday, August 30th. This outage is needed due to these buildings being on a single line electric power source from Ameren. This work will restore back-up power to these buildings.

This outage (see below) is needed due to a mechanical failure with the Barnes Jewish Hospital electrical switchgear serving these buildings. This is a full building electrical shutdown for both buildings. During this time, no normal power will be available in either building. The only power will be from the generator sets operating red receptacles and some lighting. Some elevators will be shut down but there will be at least 1 elevator available. There will be no air conditioning, lab vacuum, lab air and any department-owned equipment not on emergency power on floors 6, 7 and 8 of Southwest Tower.

This is needed to put the electric system back to normal from the outage earlier this week from Ameren. Please shut off any computers and equipment not on UPS’s at the end of today and restart tomorrow morning. During this outage, Facilities will have mechanics on-site and security will make additional rounds through these buildings. Any concerns during this outage should be directed to the Facilities Engineering Computer Room at 314-362-3100.