Event Details

Facilities Engineering will be performing necessary maintenance on the CSRB Substation. In order for this work to take place the following buildings will be affected.

CSRB- Will be single lined and during the initial switching process there will be a brief power interruption. The building will remain single lined until the work is complete. Once the CSRB substation work is complete there will be another brief power interruption as Facilities reruns the building back to normal.

RENARD, WOHL HOSPITAL- Normal power will be off during this outage for Renard and Wohl Hospital. Lighting and receptacles on emergency power will be powered from the generator.

McDONNELL PEDIATRICS, NORTHWEST TOWER, WOHL CLINIC, BARNARD- Will be single lined during this outage until the work is complete. We do not anticipate any power interruptions or blips for these buildings.