Event Details

The purpose of this outage notification is to inform individuals that there was a mechanical failure in the Euclid Power Plant this morning at 10:40 a.m. which caused a momentary shutdown of the steam boilers. At this time the boilers are in the process of being re-started and steam in being introduced into the steam distribution system. Systems that will be affected by this outage are Heating Hot Water, Domestic Hot Water, Humidifiers, Vivarium Cage Wash Equipment and Glass Wash Equipment.

Buildings affected:

North Medical Bldg, Cancer Research Bldg, South Medical Bldg, BJC Institute Of Health at WUSM, Olin Residence Hall, McDonnell Medical Sciences Bldg, East McDonnell Facility, Bernard Becker Medical Library, Old Shriners, East Building, East Imaging Center, Biotechnology Center, McMillan Hospital, Maternity Hospital, Irene W Johnson Institute Rehab, West Building, Barnard Hospital, Wohl Clinic, Wohl Hospital, CSRB 10th Floor, McDonnell Pediatric Research Bldg, 4515 McKinley Research Building, Biomedical Computer Lab, Eric P Newman Education Center, Renard Hospital, Mallinckrodt Institute Radiology, Clinical Sciences Research Bldg, 825 S. Taylor Ave., 4560 Clayton Ave., Northwest Tower, Specialized Research Facil-East, CSRB- North Tower Addition, Farrell Learning & Teaching Center, Euclid Power Plant