The next step to preparedness is Look Around. We all play a role in keeping our campus safe and you can help by knowing your surroundings and reporting anything suspicious. In order to establish situational awareness: 

Scan your environment. Be aware of any potential hazards on your route or in your area.


Avoid distractions, like cell phones, while walking around campus. Make sure to look where you are going and always stay alert.


Know the Emergency Assembly Point (EAP) and exit routes for buildings you frequent. Most of us use the same routes in and out of buildings everyday. If that route was blocked, how would you evacuate? See the side bar on this page for EAP location maps on your campus.

If you see something, say something! Notify WUPD (314-925-5555) or Protective Services (314-362-4357) on the Medical Campus. If off campus, dial 911. Remember to save emergency numbers in your cell phone so that you’ll have easy access to them.

Now you’re ready for the final step – Take Action.