The Emergency Preparedness Coordinator program is a university-wide initiative, designed to help each department or school prepare to respond to emergencies on campus. Department managers should designate an Emergency Preparedness Coordinator (EPC), who will attend trainings on how to assist with immediate response actions during an emergency.

EPC responsibilities

  • Serve as a point of contact between your department/school and the Emergency Management Department.
  • Assist during fire drills and other emergency preparedness exercises as needed.
  • Provide periodic updates to your work group on basic life safety and emergency procedures.
  • Attend introductory training and annual refresher courses. View most recent training material here.

View EPC and other Emergency Management training offerings, and to sign up for our quarterly newsletter, visit the Publications page.

EPC Toolkit

Emergency Guide | Department Preparedness Guide | EPC Program flier
Remote EPC Guidelines | Fire safety checklist | Office Emergency Plan

Designate EPC in Service Now

Department Managers can select an Emergency Preparedness Coordinator for their department. The department’s payroll representative can follow these steps submit a request in Service Now to designate that person as an EPC.

  1. Go to Workday Service Now.
  2. Search “Security”.
  3. Click on “Workday – Security Request”.
  4. Select type of request (new worker, existing worker or multiple workers).
  5. Add employee name and effective date.
  6. Under ‘Security group(s) to add’, select ‘Emergency Prep Coordinator’.
  7. Click ‘Order Now’.