Emergency Management, in conjunction with campus partners, is responsible for managing and coordinating the university fire drill program. The purpose of a fire drill is to educate the building occupants in the safety features of the building, the evacuation options available and the procedures to be followed.

Fire drill process

The drills are conducted on a regular basis depending on the building type (i.e. residence hall vs. administrative office building). Emergency Management will typically coordinate with key stakeholders in a building prior to conducting a fire drill.

At the time of the drill, upon activation of the building fire alarm, all building occupants should take the following actions:

  • Evacuate the building using the stairs, not elevators.
  • Stabilize lab procedures and turn off gas valves, if applicable.
  • Close office and lab doors while evacuating.
  • Assist those with limited mobility to the nearest area of refuge.
  • Ensure evacuation routes are clear from obstruction.
  • Proceed to the designated Emergency Assembly Point (EAP).
  • Check-in with your Emergency Preparedness Coordinator (EPC), supervisor or designated authority figure.
  • Only re-enter the building once the “all clear” is given by emergency personnel.

Emergency Management staff will be onsite during all fire drills to ensure proper evacuation procedures are being followed.