Emergency Management, in conjunction with campus partners, conducts regular fire drills in WashU owned buildings throughout its various campuses. The drills are conducted on a regular basis depending on the building type (i.e. residence hall vs. office building).

Fire drill process

Fire drills will typically be scheduled at least a month ahead of the drill. Notification will be sent via email to the building’s Emergency Preparedness Coordinators and Key Management Contacts when it is scheduled. If the drill is in a residence hall, other stakeholders will be notified as well. The notification email may also contain training materials for the drill contacts to use with building occupants.

One week before the drill, notifications will be posted throughout the building to alert occupants. Please note that while the date of the drill will be announced, the specific time may not.

At the time of the drill, the fire alarm will be activated by Facilities Management staff. All building occupants are expected to evacuate the building using the nearest stairwell and proceed to their designated Emergency Assembly Point (EAP). As you evacuate, close doors behind you, stabilize any lab procedures, turn off gas valves and assist those who are unable to evacuate on their own by moving them to a safe location (usually a stairwell with a landing area).

Once at the EAP, all building occupants should make contact with their Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, Resident Assistant, Teaching Assistant, House Manager or other authority figure.

Occupants may reenter the building after being given the “All Clear” by Emergency Management staff.