The WashU all-hazards Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) outlines the primary roles and responsibilities of departments and agencies during a disaster response on a WashU campus. It provides a framework that will allow WashU to save lives, minimize injuries, protect property and the environment and preserve university functions.

The Emergency Management Department continues to build and improve the WashU EOP. Creating the EOP involves the work of key stakeholders from across the university who identify policies, practices and procedures for how to best respond to an emergency.

Planned events

An emergency preparedness plan is required for outdoor events that expect at least 1,000 attendees. Use the outdoor event emergency planning form to complete your plan.  

To ensure the safety of our community and visitors, the event staff has the responsibility to protect and minimize the impacts of an emergency at a planned special event. An emergency plan can lead you and your team to address basic emergency procedures to ensure a safe event.

It is the responsibility of the event team lead to familiarize event staff with the emergency procedures in this plan to ensure the safety of event attendees. All sponsored Student Union events must first apply through the Washington University Student Group Organizer website.

For any WashU special events held indoors on campus, please refer to the emergency reference map posted within the building. To request a building map, please contact