Whether your department supports research, patient care, student affairs or overall university daily operations, Emergency Management can assist your team in preparation to ensure readiness during a university emergency. Through our pre-planning conversations, we will learn about your day-to-day business operations and use an adaptable approach to providing responsive solutions to fit the needs, environment and culture of your department.

Here are some examples of planning services and products that EM can provide in a format that suits your needs:

  • Provide strategic and operational planning support to establish priorities and identify expected roles and responsibilities.
  • Provide awareness of department response capabilities in relation to the overall university emergency response framework.
  • Identify a variety of technological applications centered on your daily operational use to assist in emergency coordination and communication,
  • Review and assess your department’s capabilities and vulnerabilities by using progression scoring to measure the following:
    • Resource mobilization (staffing, equipment, supplies): the degree to which resources that will be required at time of disaster will be available.
    • Procedures (activation, notification, procurement): the degree to how you will organize, communicate and respond to support the emergency response.
    • Crisis Competencies: The degree to which each individual, operating in conjunction with other teammates, will be able to function effectively throughout the duration of the disaster.
  • Review recent incidents that have caused operational disruptions for your department and identify objectives to improve upon.
  • Provide support for any upcoming accreditation reviews that reference emergency response requirements.

To request more information for EM planning support, please contact Anna Taylor at anna.taylor@wustl.edu