Emergency Operations Plan

The WashU All-Hazards Emergency Operations Plan (EOP) establishes the structure by which the university coordinates and manages response and recovery to emergencies and disasters. It outlines the roles and responsibilities of designated individuals, departments, local and state partners and volunteer organizations. The EOP enables the university to save lives, minimize injuries, protect property and the environment and recover from natural and human-caused hazards. The EOP is organized by Emergency Support Functions (ESF) and is not intended to be department-based but rather functional areas that provide a framework to organize all university resources into the answers commonly needed for typical disaster problems.

Crisis Management Team

The university’s lead coordinating body during major emergencies is the Crisis Management Team (CMT). The CMT is responsible for operational control and management of an incident, coordinating response operations primarily in the EOC. The CMT consists of the CMT Core Team, Emergency Support Function staff and the Incident Management Team.

CMT Resources
Veoci CMT Page
Veoci WashU EOP Review Form

Emergency Operations Center

During large planned events and emergencies, the University will activate its Emergency Operations Center (EOC) and convene the Crisis Management Team (CMT). The EOC is staffed by representatives from departments who are responsible for a critical function within the university.

There are two Emergency Operations Centers at WashU. One is located on the Medical Campus (pictured) and one is located on the Danforth Campus. Both EOCs could be activated at the same time if the incident or event impacts both campuses.

Washington University Medical Campus – Joint Public Safety Center located at Mid Campus Center

The shared EOC allows public safety employees from Washington University School of Medicine and Barnes-Jewish Hospital to work side-by-side during emergency situations that impact shared spaces across the Medical Campus.

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