Washington University in St. Louis faces a variety of natural disaster and human caused risks, so we strive to be ‘incident-ready.’ We take a proactive approach to prevent, mitigate, prepare for, respond to and recover from any adverse event or disruption.

The university has many programs that support our incident-ready approach, including: Emergency Management and Continuity Planning, WashU Police Department, Protective Services at the School of Medicine, emergency support team, and IT Disaster Recovery. These programs fit together like building blocks that support the university to be a disaster-resistant and resilient institution with effective crisis and consequence management capabilities.

Continuity Planning

The WashU Continuity Program Manager collaborates with faculty & staff  to develop continuity plans for individual departments, divisions, and for the institution as a whole. The aim is to increase the university’s resilience in the face of disruptive events. Resilience means the ability to continue to perform the university’s mission of teaching, research, public service and patient care during any disruptive event – and to return to normal performance as quickly as possible. These continuity plans contain information and strategies that would be needed during a recovery process, as well as recommendations for advance preparations.