Emergency preparedness is a group effort that involves all members of the WashU community. To do your part:

We can’t warn you if we can’t reach you. Make sure you are able to receive WashUAlerts by reviewing your contact information in HRMS and downloading the WUSTL app (iOS/Apple devices and Android devices). View this flier for step by step instructions (PDF).

In an emergency, information can save lives. Educate yourself on emergency procedures by reviewing the Be Prepared section of this website!

Protecting yourself means paying attention.
 Know your surroundings and be aware. Report any suspicious activity to WUPD (Danforth, West and North campuses – 314-935-5555) or Protective Services (Medical campus – 314-362-4357).

Your safety depends on you. 
Take action if you receive a WashUAlert. Follow any instructions that are included and await additional information.


Emergency Symbols


The Great ShakeOut Earthquake Drill
The ShakeOut Earthquake Drill is at 10:17 a.m. on Thursday, October 17th. To learn more about earthquake safety visit our Be Prepared page. Check out the ShakeOut website for more information on the drill.

WashU Semi-Annual Alertus Notification Test
WashU Emergency Management will test its emergency notification system at 12:00 p.m. on Monday, September 16, 2019. These tests ensure WashU can effectively communicate with the community in an emergency. Modes to be activated include phone calls (cell and campus), text, email, beacons, desktop pop up alerts, voice over fire alarm systems, cable TV overrides, WUSTL app notification and the RSS feed to the website.

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