Emergency Preparedness Kits

Emergency Preparedness Kits are intended for use by the Emergency Preparedness Coordinators (EPCs) to support their departments following an emergency. A kit should contain basic first aid supplies, flashlight, whistle, duct tape and additional response supplies.

You can find information on how to order the emergency preparedness supply kits or to replenish expired supplies through the WUSTL Marketplace.

Emergency Coordinator Supply Kit (PDF)

For additional information, visit the Emergency Preparedness Coordinator program page.

NOAA All – Hazards Weather Radio

NOAA weather radioThe National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) All-Hazards Weather Alert Radio is among the quickest ways to receive weather warnings and information. The tone-alert radio sits quietly until hazardous weather is likely to affect your area. The radio provides important advanced warning so that protective actions can be taken before an emergency.

NOAA Weather Alert Radio can be purchased in the Washington University Marketplace. It is recommended to purchase one with Specific Area Message Encoding (S.A.M.E) technology that allows you to program the radio to warnings in your area. If you are purchasing a radio for your work location, these are likely the best options:

  • Midland Radio WR120:  User is able to program radio to receive all alerts specifically targeted for only designated counties (St. Louis County, St. Louis City, Jefferson County, etc. as desired)
  • Midland Radio WR300 (Recommended):  In addition to the features of the WR 120, the WR300 also allows the user to program the types of hazard alerts to receive (tornado, flood, thunderstorm, etc).

For additional information, please view the NOAA website.

Noonlight Safety App

Noonlight (formerly SafeTrek) is a personal safety app that allows you to quickly dispatch law enforcement to your location in the event of an emergency. The app is free of charge to the WashU community.

Noonlight is easy to use. Simply open the app and hold your thumb on the blue safe button. When you reach your destination, release your thumb and enter your four-digit pin number to confirm you are safe. If you feel a heightened sense of danger and would like assistance, release your thumb but do not enter the pin. The Noonlight team will text and call you to make sure you are safe. If you do not respond, they will dispatch police, giving them your exact location, name and emergency.

Click here for more information on the app.

To download the Noonlight app using the complimentary university subscription, follow the online instructions.

Additional preparedness resources

The Emergency Management Department is pleased to provide campus partners with the following additional resources for general preparedness:

National public service site and resource to assist people in preparing for and responding to both natural and man-made disasters.
Build a Kit
Assemble your own emergency preparedness kit.


Road Conditions


Health Alerts