In the event of a universitywide emergency, WashU students, faculty and staff will receive an emergency message, or WashUAlert, providing basic information about the type of emergency, safety instructions and how/where to get additional information.

The university has determined WashUAlerts will only be used for emergencies that pose an “immediate threat” to the campus community, in life-threatening situations, and when the safety of the members of our community could be in serious danger. In less urgent situations, the university may issue additional message types which can be posted or emailed depending on the nature and scope of the incident. View the Emergency & Crime Notification Types for more information.

When you receive an alert, TAKE ACTION:

  • Check this site for additional information or instructions as it becomes available.
  • Ensure others in your location received the message and, if not, inform them of the alert and the instructions.
  • Do NOT go to the location of the incident. Follow instructions to “shelter in place”, “evacuate immediately” or other instructions until the “all clear” message is received.

This site will be the best source of the most current and accurate information, safety instructions and educational materials in an emergency. It will be continually updated during an incident. The emergency web page is easily accessible directly and from a link on the university’s home page.

About the system

WashU students, faculty and staff are automatically enrolled in the system and contact information is pulled out and maintained in Workday for employees and SIS/Webstac for students.

WashU students, faculty and staff with an address will automatically receive emergency messages via email. To receive text messages to cell phones and voice calls, your phone number(s) must be entered in the student information system (SIS) or Workday. Faculty and staff may also enter their campus and/or home phone numbers (in addition to their cell phone numbers) in Workday. Only those who have provided their cell phone numbers for text-enabled phones will receive WashUAlerts emergency text messages.

For Public Safety Officials only:

Login to Everbridge using your WUSTL Key.

WashU Safe app

The WashU Safe app includes important safety alerts and access to campus safety resources. The app offers offers enhanced features such as Friend Walk, Mobile Bluelight, safety notifications, access to emergency procedures and more. Download the WashU Safe App on Android or iOS or visit to learn more.

WUSTL Mobile app

Download the WUSTL app on Android or iOS and enable notifications. In addition to emergency alerts, the app has maps, dining menus and more. For instructions on enabling notifications, view this PDF.

Alertus desktop client

WashUAlerts are also sent through the Alertus desktop client, resulting in a pop-up message on university-owned computers. WashU IT has installed the software on most computers. If you do not receive the pop-ups, please contact the IT Help Desk at (314) 935-8200 for installation information.

Students are encouraged to install the software on their personal computers, as well. For additional information and to download the software, visit Student Technology Services.

Opting out

The Higher Education Opportunity Act requires that we notify you in the event of an emergency. Therefore, we have revised the policy so that we only allow you to opt out of personal types of devices such as personal cell phone and home phone and we reserve the right to send emergency communications through university owned pathways of communication. If you wish to opt out of any of the available methods of communication, please go to your WUSTL Connect Profile in order to do so.