WashU Safe was developed by the WashU Public Safety department and the Office of Operations and Technology Transfer, with software assistance from AppArmor Mobile. The app addresses and promotes student, faculty and staff safety through important safety alerts and access to campus safety resources.

Download the app today on Android or iOS.

WashU Safe Enhanced Features:

FRIEND WALK Send your location to a friend through email or SMS on your device. Once the friend accepts your Friend Walk request, pick your destination and your friend can track your location in real time; they can keep an eye on you to make sure you make it safely to your destination.

MOBILE BLUELIGHT If in crisis on campus, will call Washington University public safety, while simultaneously sending your exact location in real-time, so they can immediately respond.

SAFETY NOTIFICATIONS Receive notifications when on-campus emergencies occur.

ADDITIONAL FEATURES Access to emergency procedures, resource maps and campus crime log.

Safety tips

  • Look around: protecting yourself means paying attention. Always be aware of your surroundings. We all play a role in keeping our campus safe, and you can help by knowing your surroundings and reporting anything suspicious.
  • Take action: Your safety depends on you. Be prepared to act when you get an alert. If you receive a WASHUAlert, you need to evaluate the situation based on the information that is available.
  • Tune in: Download the WashU Safe App so you can stay tuned in to emergency alerts.
  • Know where your emergency exists and Emergency Assembly Points are.
  • If you’re walking alone at night, download the WashU Safe App and send your location to a friend using the Friend Walk feature.
  • Have an emergency safety kit on hand with items like a flashlight, batteries, bandaids, water bottle and protein bar.

To report an emergency

Danforth Campus: 314-935-5555 – do not call 911

School of Medicine (WUSM) Campus: 314-362-4357 (on back of badge) – do not call 911

North/West/South Campus: 911, then 314-935-5555

Off campus: 911, then 314-935-5555


WashU Safe App Flier (PDF)
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