Our vision is to drive the standard of excellence in higher education emergency management.

Our team excels in problem solving and project management, with plans and programs that touch all aspects of the university. We have a team of life-long learners that continuously seek out additional training and credentials. The team has the ability and the foresight to prepare for what is to come, whether for a large-scale emergency or for promoting safety on campus.

We are located in the Mid Campus Center on the Medical Campus and at the Washington University Police Department on the Danforth Campus. The team covers all university sites and is ready to respond no matter where an incident occurs.

Ty is involved in collaboratin g with campus leadership and external partners to ensure the university community’s safety, security, and resilience. As the Director, Ty oversees the coordination of emergency preparedness, response, recovery, and mitigation efforts and ensures alignment with best practices and regulatory requirements to protect the institution’s people, assets, and reputation.

Ty Davisson
Director of Emergency Management and Business Continuity

Ryan is responsible for supporting the development and execution of comprehensive emergency management programs. This role involves collaborating with communications professionals to coordinate dispatch and alerts on the Med Campus, ensuring timely and effective communication during emergencies.

Ryan Nicholls, MS, MBCP, CEM
Associate Director of Emergency Management

Chet is responsible for supporting and enhancing life safety efforts and emergency management programs. This role involves coordinating and implementing safety initiatives, conducting training sessions, and ensuring compliance with safety regulations and standards.

Chet Hunter, MS, CEM
Assistant Director of Emergency Management
Danforth Campus


Jason is responsible for supporting and enhancing life safety efforts and emergency management programs. This role involves coordinating and implementing safety initiatives, conducting training sessions, and ensuring compliance with safety regulations and standards.

Jason Campbell
Assistant Director of Emergency Management and Public Safety

Melissa is responsible for developing and executing strategic communication initiatives to enhance internal and external engagement. This role involves coordinating internal and external communications, fostering community engagement, and managing social media content.

Melissa Evans, MBA, CEM, CPS-PIO, MPIO
Communications & Community Engagement
Senior Program Manager

Trish leads and manages complex projects and programs that support the operational and administrative functions of the organization.

Trish Crites, MPH
Senior Program Manager
Operations & Support

Eric is responsible for developing, coordinating, and delivering comprehensive training programs to ensure preparedness and effective response to emergencies for all campus personnel.

Eric Wilkinson, CEM
 Senior Program Manager
Training & Exercise

Anna is responsible for developing and implementing strategic emergency management plans, coordinating with campus leadership, and ensuring comprehensive preparedness and response initiatives across the institution.

Anna Taylor, CEM
Planning Senior Program Manager

Brandon is responsible for developing and maintaining comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery plans to ensure an organization can continue critical operations during and after a disruptive event.

Brandon Robbins, MBCP, CABCF, CEM
Senior Program Manager
Business Continuity

Ky is responsible for managing and enhancing the campus safety programs. This role involves overseeing the maintenance of AED devices across both campuses, coordinating Stop the Bleed and CPR training, and implementing comprehensive safety initiatives.

Ky Kee, MPH, CEM
Senior Program Manager 
Life Safety & Campus Safety

Mike is responsible for developing, coordinating, and overseeing comprehensive life safety and disaster education programs. This role involves managing key initiatives such as creating and updating building maps or plans, Emergency Planning Committee (EPC) training or refreshers, and fire extinguisher training.

Michael Vacca, MS
Senior Program Manager
Life Safety & Disaster Education

Charlie liaises with the campus during the planning, development, and execution of major capital projects related to emergency preparedness and response in all phases of project development to enhance the campus’s resilience and preparedness infrastructure.

Charles Daab, MS
 Senior Program Manager 
Planning and Projects

Ryan maintains, troubleshoots, and upgrades communication equipment, providing technical assistance, and updates the latest advancements in communication technology to ensure reliable and effective emergency response capabilities.

Ryan Friel
Senior Program Manager 
Emergency Management Response Systems

Corey is responsible for overseeing and coordinating administrative functions and strategic initiatives to support the organization’s long-term goals. Corey is involved in managing day-to-day administrative operations, leading strategic planning projects, and collaborating with senior leadership to develop and implement plans that drive organizational growth and efficiency.

Corey Steinhoff
Program Manager 
Administration and Strategic Planning

Sarah is responsible for managing scheduling, budgets, and various administrative tasks to ensure efficient and effective operations within the department. This role involves coordinating meetings and events, maintaining budget records, handling correspondence, and providing general administrative support to the team.

Sarah Sandhaus
Administrative Coordinator

To Be Announced
Senior Program Manager
Life Safety – Event Safety