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The Metropolitan Sewer District’s (MSD) project to upgrade the storm sewer in Duncan Avenue will require the closure of the intersection of Duncan and Boyle for approximately six weeks starting at 5 am on Monday, September 15th. Employees who access campus parking through the intersection should plan to take alternate routes, such as Clayton and Forest Park Avenues to Newstead or Taylor.

The red shuttle route will be affected. Service to @4240 will be maintained. The west entrance/exit on Duncan at the @4240 building, which is currently closed, will be open on Monday, September 15th. The red route buses will enter @4240 via the east entrance (from Sarah/Duncan), pick-up/drop-off at the current shuttle stop, then proceed around the building and use the west entrance/exit to exit on Duncan.

Departing @4240, the red route will travel eastbound on Duncan to Sarah to Forest Park to Boyle in route to the Cortex building, followed by shuttle stops at 4444 and Goldfarb before returning to the Depot. This new route of travel from @4240 to Cortex will add an additional 3-4 minutes to the red route for a total round trip time of approximately 13 minutes.

The MSD project, which began in March, has encountered significant delays. Duncan has been a utility highway for more than a century. It is packed with old and new sewer pipes, conduits, gas lines, fiber optic cables and more. Adding a five- to six-foot diameter storm water sewer has posed numerous challenges.

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