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WUSM will be performing concrete work at and around Olin Circle beginning Tuesday, November 3rd. This work will be done during normal business hours. Both pedestrian and vehicular traffic will be disrupted during this work.  There will also be a potential for noise in the area. We ask for your patience while we perform this work.  If you have any questions, please contact Nick Dochwat at 314-747-2906 or dochwatn@wusm.wustl.edu.

Phase 1 (red on map below)

Effective Tuesday, November 3rd, the Olin Circle doors from Olin Hall will be closed for all but emergency exiting. Whereas pedestrian traffic will be allowed through portions of Olin Circle, we ask that you find another route while the pathway is being redone. This work is expected to be complete by Friday, November 6th.

Phase 2 (orange on map below)

Effective Monday, November 9th, Olin Circle will be closed to all vehicular traffic. All Campus Shuttle pickup locations, including the Skinker-DeBaliviere and Central West End Shuttles, will move just west of Olin Circle, outside the 4565 McKinley entrance to McDonnell Science.

Phase 3 (blue on map below)

The crosswalk will be remarked on McKinley Avenue. This work will be done on a Saturday when all of the above work has been completed. All work is expected to be completed by Thanksgiving.


Olin Circle