Event Details

The purpose of the outage is to clean and perform maintenance on the electrical system. This will affect the following Buildings: Renard, Barnard, Wohl Clinic, Wohl Hospital, and CSR. This will also affect the Cyclotron A/C, which will be without power for the duration of the outage. The following areas will also be without power for the duration of the outage:
– Renard – All floors, power and Lighting.
– Wohl Hospital – Basement through 5th floor, power and lighting.
– CSR – South and Center of building will be on generator power only.
Wohl Clinic, and Barnard will be on one utility but with full power.
Generators will run for Renard, Wohl Hospital, Wohl Clinic and CSR.

We thank you for your patience and understanding at this time.