civil unrest emergencyCivil unrest occurs when people hold protests and act out violently, requiring public safety officials to get involved. Most demonstrations are peaceful; however, some may become violent. Knowing what to do can help protect you from experiencing harm during any periods of unrest.

How to prepare before it happens

  • Stay informed.
  • Pay attention to Everbridge emergency notifications sent out by WUPD or Protective Services.

What to do when it happens

  • Call WUPD (Danforth, West and North campuses) at 314-935-5555 or Protective Services (Medical School) at 314-362-4357 if you witness any violent activities occurring on or near campus.
  • Do not obstruct or aggravate the protestors.
  • Alert others in your area of the situation.
  • If deemed necessary, lock doors and windows. Close blinds to prevent flying glass.
  • If necessary and safe to do so, evacuate the area.

What to do right after it happens

  • Report any damage to WUPD or Protective Services.
  • Provide law enforcement officials with any requested information regarding the violent activities that occurred.

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