Remember, during an emergency, your safety depends on you! Fortunately, you can prepare for an emergency on campus by following four simple steps.

View the video below to get started!

Tune In.

The first step to preparedness is Tune In. Take the following actions to ensure you can receive WashUAlerts and updates from Emergency Management. 

Download the WashU Safe App on Android or iOS. The app includes important safety alerts, access to campus safety resources and enhanced features such as Friend Walk and Mobile Bluelight. Learn more about the WashU Safe App.

Download the WashU app on Android or iOS and enable notifications. In addition to emergency alerts, the app has maps, dining menus and more. View instructions on enabling notifications (PDF).

Ensure your information is up to date in Workday/SIS. Your university phone number (if applicable) and email are automatically enrolled for WashUAlerts. However, to receive them on your personal cell phone or email address, you’ll need to enter that information.

Learn More.

Our website is your one-stop-shop to learn how to respond to a variety of hazards that could impact the campus community.

To learn more: 

  • Visit the Be Prepared section of this website for tips on what to do before, during and after an emergency.
  • Check out the Tools and Resources page for additional information on preparedness.
  • Sign up for an emergency preparedness training course through Learn@Work. The Emergency Management Department offers a variety of courses on both the Danforth and Medical School campuses. To view the full list of training offerings, check out the training page.

Look Around.

We all play a role in keeping our campus safe and you can help by knowing your surroundings and reporting anything suspicious.

In order to establish situational awareness: 

Scan your environment. Be aware of any potential hazards on your route or in your area.

Avoid distractions like cell phones while walking around campus. Make sure to look where you are going and always stay alert.

Know the Emergency Assembly Point (EAP) and exit routes for buildings you frequent. Most of us use the same routes in and out of buildings every day. If that route was blocked, how would you evacuate?

If you see something, say something! Notify WUPD (314-925-5555) or Protective Services (314-362-4357) on the Medical Campus. If off campus, dial 911. Remember to save emergency numbers in your cell phone so that you’ll have easy access to them.

Take Action.

Take Action is the final step to preparedness. 

WashUAlerts are only sent to the entire campus community when there is an immediate threat to life safety. If you receive an alert, you need to evaluate the situation based on the information that is available and then take action.

By reading about preparedness and attending trainings, you’ll know how to respond to a variety of emergency situations.